The Raspberry and The Rose was founded in 1999 by mother and daughter duo, Donna Wilcox and Melissa Ziogas. Originally featuring upscale, high quality silk floral arrangements, my mother and I traveled and set up our wares all over Ohio and Pennsylvania the first four years we were in business. No craft show was too tiny for us and no Oktoberfest too rowdy. I think we tried just about every type of event, totaling about 50 events during a year's time, which if you know anything about artists, that's a tremendous amount of travel.


As time passed, we learned and pared down the listing of events and shows we attended and for several years had a schedule of 32 shows and fairs we did during the year. At that time, we switched media from silk floral arrangements for what has become our signature item: folk art-style, primitive snowmen and fully decorated Christmas trees. Since 2003, if you have attended



In 2008, our product line expanded once again, when we added a line of handmade jewelry. Snowmen, while fantastic and fun, are a tough sell in July. So adding the jewelry products made us into a year around business and also kept things fresh for us. We have been featured in The Wooster Daily Record and Mimi Vanderhaven's Fabulous Buys and several other publications over the years.



In 2012, after a horrific battle with cancer, my mother passed away. There is not a moment that goes by that I don't miss her terribly. I have decided to continue on without her and add technology as a new avenue for revenue as well as the sweat labor of being a store front. Many thanks to my children and husband who help me hoof things across 3 acre parks and up several flights of stairs. You guys are the greatest!


Melissa in front of her store in Medina Ohio